Sale & Purchase of Businesses

There are a wide range of legal factors to consider as part of the sale or purchase of a business from structuring the agreement itself, dealing with non-disclosure agreements and overall due diligence on the purchase or sale to name a few. As experienced commercial law specialists we can help with all legal aspects regarding the sale and purchase of businesses large and small.

Sale & Purchase of Commercial Property

Alongside our residential conveyancing we also provide a specialised commercial conveyancing service dealing with all aspects of the sale and purchase of commercial property. Commercial property transfers are by their very essence more complicated than traditional residential transfers but you can rely on our expertise to provide a smooth transition.

Leasing of Commercial Property

Our specialised commercial conveyancing service can also help with the leasing of commercial property, providing key expertise to both those renting and occupying a commercial property. From drafting lease documentation to providing niche legal information and even handling disputes that may arise, we can provide a complete commercial leasing service.

Commercial Litigation

It’s an inevitable part of business, disputes can and do occur and whilst they’re not always critical to the health of your business any legal dispute needs to be handled with care and expertise. We can provide a full range of services regarding commercial litigation, both via mediation out of court and robust representation in court should it be required.

Company & Partnership Disputes

When disputes arise between owners of a company it is important to establish clear lines of communication and an impartial assessment of the dispute. Often such disputes can be solved without the need for court proceedings and we’ll work with you to find a suitable solution for everyone involved whatever stage of the process you’re at.

Club Constitution, Procedures & Rules

Well formed practices are the very core of every great club as they provide a framework that members can rely on. We can help you to explore some of the standard approaches to the creation of a club constitution and other supporting documents, as well as provide expert advice in tailoring these documents to you specific requirements.