Creation of a Will

Do you have you children, own property, have savings or investments? If so, it is important to have a will to protect and share your assets according to your wishes upon your death. We are experienced in the creation of both both simple and more complex wills and are here to help set up and create your will based on typical scenarios tailored to meet your specific requirements. 

Set up of Trusts

As a parent you may worry that your son or daughter might not be able to deal with a large sum of money without assistance or that it may leave them vulnerable to financial abuse. Setting up a trust allows you to create a legal arrangement to transfer money or property to someone else, called trustees, to help the beneficiaries listed manage their finances. We can help with all aspects of creating a trust and ensure it meets your needs. 

Administration of Estates

Losing a loved one is an emotional and difficult period in your life and often it is up to someone close to the person to deal with their estate. We will approach your case with care and use our expertise to help deal with the administration of the estate during this difficult time.

Estate & Inheritance Disputes

Disputes against estates and inheritance are increasing. Defending a claim can be a stressful and anxious time. Such cases can be complex and each case can have a number of different issues involved. It is important to take control of such situations and we will do our utmost to help guide you and resolve any issues.